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New Interim VP of Academic Affairs

 Warner Pacific University (WPU) is pleased to announce Dr. Miriam Chitiga as its new Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs. Dr. Chitiga joins the University from Fayetteville State University, a Constituent of The University of North Carolina System, where she serves as a Tenured Full Professor and Department Chair of Educational Leadership and School Administration.

“Dr. Chitiga is an interdisciplinary, global researcher and scholar whose work is centered on transformational ways for leaders to enhance diverse student learning, inclusion, and social justice,” noted Dr. Brian Johnson. “Her rich experience in diversity and social justice, intersections of race, class and gender are timely assets – especially for times such as now.”

Dr. Chitiga has a Bachelor’s of Education in English, Linguistics and Education as well as a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics from the University of Zimbabwe.

With a PhD in Educational Administration from the University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, Miriam’s professional experiences include working across the formal education spectrum in Southern Africa and the USA.  Her international and interdisciplinary work in civic engagement, leadership, and empowerment has earned her highly competitive institutional grants and prestigious fellowships.

“I am very excited and honored to be joining the WPU community to provide diverse students with educational opportunities for active engagement in dynamic environments,” remarks Dr. Chitiga. “As a lifelong Christian, it is a privilege to serve WPU in this capacity, where students, faculty, and staff can bring their faith, intellect, and Christian values into the academic spaces to explore and solve real world problems both locally and globally.”

Dr. Chitiga joins WPU on December 17, 2021.

Thank You, Dr. Goble!

After a long and esteemed career at WPU, Dr. Luke Goble is leaving to serve as the Director of Research, Evaluation, Impact, and Learning with The Contingent. The organization is a non-profit focused on empowering leaders and mobilizing community for the common good in Oregon and beyond, particularly in the areas of higher education and workforce development, social mobility, foster care, and post-incarceration integration.


It’s hard to capture how important Dr. Goble has been to WPU during his career.


· He came to the University in 2007 as an Assistant Professor of History, with a teaching focus on courses related to race, ethnicity, immigration, and world history.


· He quickly became a campus leader and won a grant that launched Warner Pacific’s First Year Learning Communities, an effort designed to serve first-generation college students and help Warner Pacific better integrate into the city of Portland.


· He assumed the mantle of Humanities Department Chair in 2012 and then Division Chair of Arts and Letters in 2016.


· In 2013-14, he co-led the (now infamous) Program Review Coordinating Team— “PRCT”—a university-wide coalition designed to assess academic and administrative programs for their effectiveness and mission fit, which resulted in a set of 40+ recommendations for the university to become more effective in fulfilling its mission to serve students from diverse backgrounds.


· In 2017, Dr. Goble was tapped to serve as Chief Innovation Officer, and specifically to help the college launch some new programs related to emerging fields of technology and other changes in course modalities and learning environments.


· Dr. Goble began serving as Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs in May 2020 and was selected for the role permanently in 2021.


Most important, Dr. Goble has been a trusted advisor to the University’s leadership as well as to his colleagues and students. We have benefited immeasurably not only from his expertise, but also from his compassion, his unflappable calm in the face of crisis, and his love for this place.

Please reach out to Dr. Goble to offer your congratulations and appreciation!

Creatively Coping with COVID-19: A Cross-Cohort Collaboration

In March 2020, the pandemic of COVID-19 required a rapid shift in teaching and learning practices from traditional, in-person strategies to online or physically distanced and masked approaches. All but one clinical partner cancelled in-progress clinical rotations. Guided by the Theory of Careful Nursing, a BSN Degree Program launched a cross-cohort collaboration, whereby seniors would mentor juniors in the use of software for clinical substitution and serve as assistants in skills and simulation labs. The goals of this collaboration were to keep students moving forward in their curriculum and to address the need for unbudgeted resources. The ability to react quickly and positively to sudden changes in any environment provided students with valuable clinical learning and immersion in trustworthy collaboration. Lessons learned not only facilitated uninterrupted progression in the BSN Degree Program but also developed desired knowledge, skills, and attitudes of new graduate nurses. Date: December 2, 2021. Time: 7:00PM – 8:00PM. Place: EVGT & Zoom:

REGISTRATION OPEN NOW — WPU Fitness Center Opens Tuesday at 6pm for all WPU Students

The WPU Fitness Center will be open to all WPU Students beginning on Tuesday, February 9th at 6pm. The fitness center will be open for use by all WPU students from 6pm-10pm M-F. Sign up for your 50 minute slot at

Reservations are for 50 minute periods with 6 people max. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. If you show up without a reservation, you will not be allowed in the fitness center.

You mustbring your valid WPU student ID for card access into the building. We will not be allowing those who knock in. (this is for contact tracing purposes)

All who use the fitness center must wear a mask at all times, use appropriate social distancing and clean equipment after use. Those who don’t, will be asked to leave.