Thank you for visiting The Shield.  This student blog is designed to:

  • Inform you of campus and community news and events
  • Provide a venue for students to communicate with other students in an appropriate way
  • Move students away from using the dl-students list over email.

Please join us in making this the primary form of communication for students in our community.  Wondering what you might use The Shield for?  Here are just a few ideas:

  • You want to tell the community about an event
  • You have a ton of books, a car, three bookshelves and an old toothbrush to sell
  • You want students to take your survey for class

To participate in this blog, hit the “subscribe” link on the bottom right of the home page.  To submit an item, click “submit and item” and you can write your very own post there.  The blog is moderated by ASWPU and will be updated as needed.

Please join us in using this blog to keep our community informed and to relieve the frustration with full email boxes.

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