Counseling Center Update

The beginning of this semester may look a little different, but the Counseling Center is still here for you!

We will continue to provide FREE and confidential counseling for all students.  In line with current WPU policy, counseling sessions will be remote (telehealth) through a secure Zoom link until WPU is open for in-person activities again.

To schedule an appointment, email us at and list the times you are available to meet with a counselor.  We’ll get you scheduled with a counselor and provide you with a brief intake form to fill out.  Appointments are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.   

Monday and Tuesday 9am-3pm
Wednesday 9am-6pm
Thursday 9am-5pm

When is it helpful to see a counselor?

People come to counseling to find support and have a safe place to process what’s going on in their lives.  At the Counseling Center, we can help you with a variety of challenges, including anxiety, stress, depression, loneliness, and relationship conflicts – just to name a few.  We’re also here if you want to find ways to work towards your goals and improve your performance in academics, athletics, or at work.   Some other signs that it might be helpful to talk with a counselor:

  • Everything you feel is intense or overwhelming (or reversely, you feel numb and detached from life).
  • You’ve suffered trauma and you can’t seem to stop thinking about it.
  • You have unexplained and recurrent headaches, stomach-aches or a rundown immune system.
  • You’re using a substance to cope.
  • You take extra measures to either avoid people completely or constantly distract yourself from being by yourself.
  • You’re getting negative feedback from work or school.
  • You feel disconnected from previously beloved activities.
  • Your relationships are strained.
  • Your friends or family have told you they’re concerned.

When self-harm or suicidal thoughts are present, talk to someone and see a counselor. This is absolutely a time to engage in a non-judgmental, accepting counseling relationship to find the support and care that you need.  We are here to support you!

If you have questions, please reach out to or visit our website:

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