Creatively Coping with COVID-19: A Cross-Cohort Collaboration

In March 2020, the pandemic of COVID-19 required a rapid shift in teaching and learning practices from traditional, in-person strategies to online or physically distanced and masked approaches. All but one clinical partner cancelled in-progress clinical rotations. Guided by the Theory of Careful Nursing, a BSN Degree Program launched a cross-cohort collaboration, whereby seniors would mentor juniors in the use of software for clinical substitution and serve as assistants in skills and simulation labs. The goals of this collaboration were to keep students moving forward in their curriculum and to address the need for unbudgeted resources. The ability to react quickly and positively to sudden changes in any environment provided students with valuable clinical learning and immersion in trustworthy collaboration. Lessons learned not only facilitated uninterrupted progression in the BSN Degree Program but also developed desired knowledge, skills, and attitudes of new graduate nurses. Date: December 2, 2021. Time: 7:00PM – 8:00PM. Place: EVGT & Zoom:

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