Fall Tutoring – 2021

Fall semester is well underway, please make sure you are utilizing WPU’s tutoring services! Our services range from traditional services like essay reviews and math tutoring, to additional services to support students with items such as building out and reviewing their resume. Throughout the semester, we also try to provide evening workshops around topics that help students build on and develop new skills, such as our APA workshops or testing tips presentations. Visit our booking site to find new updates throughout the semester.


This service is completely free and user friendly. Just remind students that when they book a tutoring service, they need to leave a description of what they need support with, in the “Booking Notes” section, so that tutors know how to best support them.
If you or your students have any questions or need help with anything, please contact the Academic Success Coordinator, Janice Nehren, at: jnehren@warnerpacific.edu Best of luck this semester!

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